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2-Cycle, Small Engine and Motorcycle Products

Get outstanding protection and friction management with Sinclair.

The Protection Today's Engines Demand

Dramatic changes in engine design have created a need for uniquely specialized fluids for increasingly specific applications. With over 100 years of lubricant experience, Sinclair has the technological know-how to formulate advance engine oils that meet the demands for a balance of protection, toughness and endurance.

Protection - Whether the engine is running or not, you get outstanding protection.

Toughness - Contact between metal rotating parts is prevented through a tough film of oil, helping to prevent wear.

Endurance - Formulated to withstand high RPMs and operating temperatures.

It All Adds Up to Performance You'll Notice

2-Cycle, Small Engine and Motorcycle Products

Sinclair Small Equipment Lubricants

Sinclair Small Equipment Lubricants are highly specialized fluids that perform in a variety of unique applications.