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Sinclair Universal 2-Cycle

Sinclair Small Equipment Lubricants 2-Cycle, Small Engine and Motorcycle Products

Sinclair Universal 2-Cycle Oil is a basic, conventional oil formulation for use in air-cooled 2-cycle engines (lawn mowers, string trimmers, chain saws, etc.).

Benefits include:

  • A cleaner engine and extended spark plug life.
  • Lowered deposits of carbon and protection from scuffing and wear of cylinders and pistons.
  • Less ash formulations
  • JASO FB and API TC requirement adherence.

For Best Results:

  • Mix in well-ventilated area away from sparks or open flames.
  • Use with fresh gasoline in an approved, clean fuel container.
  • Mix thoroughly before use.
  • Adhere to manufacturer-recommended mix ratios for highest performance and protection.

Sinclair Universal 2-Cycle: Performance You'll Notice

Small engines have undergone some big changes over the years, and they require fluids that are very specialized for unique applications. Sinclair fluids have changed to match, with the most advanced oils to meet the challenge of balancing protection, toughness and endurance.


  • Maintain smooth operation with unsurpassed friction stability.


  • Prevent metal-to-metal contact between rotating parts and prevent wear thanks to a strong, thin protective film of oil.


  • Formulated to handle even the most severe operating temperatures and speeds.