Lube Advisor

Industrial Lubricants and Greases

Sinclair industrial lubricants and greases are designed to deliver unsurpassed protection and performance.

Performance You'll Notice

Changes in OEM equipment design, coupled with growing industrial operating conditions brought about by increased power density and other factors, have increased stress levels. With equipment often being smaller, yet mechanical output demands increasing, the need for high-performing industrial lubricants to meet performance requirements is more challenging than ever. Sinclair industrial lubricants and greases have kept up with those increased demands and continue to provide an ideal balance of protection, toughness and endurance.

Anti-Friction, Anti-Wear Chemistry You Can Count On

With Sinclair, you get exceptional control of friction and wear, with breakthrough formulations that cause molecules to bond together, creating a shield that’s wear-resistant and builds barriers to reduce friction and wear.

Stands Up to Even the Most Extreme Conditions

Sinclair Industrial Lubricants provide outstanding protection regardless of climates, pressure, power density, micro pitting, oxidation, shrinking sump sizes or separation of air and water.