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Sinclair Arctic Fire Litholine Plus 2EP 14oz

Sinclair Greases Industrial Lubricants and Greases

OEMs have advanced equipment designs and operating conditions are becoming more severe. These changes increase stress on plain bearings, roller bearings, gears and couplings. Sinclair grease has been formulated to meet these challenges.

Sinclair Litholine Plus 2 EP Grease is a premium quality lubricant made from high viscosity index base oils and a lithium complex soap thickener system. Because of their outstanding performance properties, they can be used for the lubrication of machinery under heavy loads and high temperatures in a wide range of automotive, industrial, agricultural, mining and construction applications. Sinclair Litholine Plus 2 EP Grease offers excellent protection, performance and service life on most equipment where a No. 2 grade grease is specified. Sinclair Litholine Plus 2 EP grease is certified NLGI GC-LB.

Performance You'll Notice


  • Outstanding EP and antiwear properties to carry heavy loads.
  • Good rust protection to protect bearing surfaces.
  • Excellent bearing retention to stays in place so it helps prevent contamination.


  • Water Resistance to resist wash off.
  • Excellent mechanical shear stability to stay in grade even after severe mechanical working.


  • Long Storage Life to reduce long term cost.
  • Broad operating temperature range, included high temps, for multi-purpose use.


Because of its excellent pump ability, Sinclair Litholine Plus 2 EP Grease lends itself to almost any method of application. It may be applied by handgun, by brush or swab, or by a centralized lubrication system. When pumping from a drum, best results are obtained with the user of a follower plate.

Sinclair Litholine Plus 2 EP Grease is compatible with the most popular greases in use today, including aluminum complex, calcium, calcium complex and lithium greases. It is not compatible with barium, bentone or polyurea greases. In all cases, the operator should monitor the lubrication points more frequently following a change in grease type until it is evident that the old grease has been fully replaced.