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Passenger Car Motor Oil

Manage friction and get outstanding protection with Sinclair Passenger Car Motor Oils.

Performance You'll Notice

Engine designs from OEMs continue to progress. Smaller engines are producing increased power density, requiring advanced motor oil technology that can stand up to increased power demands but still help deliver increased fuel economy. Like Sinclair Passenger Car Motor Oils. They’ve progressed, too, and are able to rise to the challenge, giving you a balance of protection, toughness and endurance.

Reduce Friction and Wear with Sinclair Chemistry

Sinclair Motor Oils control friction and wear up to 80% better than today’s API requirements while helping improve fuel economy. The molecules in Sinclair oils actually bond together, forming a shield that prevents rotating metal parts from contacting, even under stress and over time. In fact, engine wear is reduced to the extent it is almost undetectable by conventional measure.

Tough Oils for Tough Conditions

Extreme hot, extreme cold, extreme driving conditions. They all require the extreme protection you’ll get with Sinclair Passenger Car Motor Oils. Sinclair PCMO's are engineered to perform, whether you’re highway driving, hauling heavy loads, or putting your vehicle through dust and grit.

Passenger Car Motor Oil

Sinclair High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oils

Meets or exceeds major automotive OEM specifications, as well as API SP and ILSAC GF-6 requirements.