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Automatic Transmission Products

Sinclair automatic transmission products are engineered for the demands of today’s vehicles and formulated to provide performance you can count on.

Protection for Today’s Automatic Transmission Designs

Automotive transmission designs from OEMs have changed dramatically, requiring highly specialized fluids for unique applications. Sinclair lubricants technology has stayed in step with those changes, developing advanced transmission fluids that meet the difficult challenges of providing balance in three critical areas:

Protection – Outstanding friction stability keeps shifting smooth, consistent, and prevents shudder.

Toughness – Sinclair fluids provide a strong oil film that prevents metal-to-metal contact between rotating parts to prevent wear.

Endurance – resists thickening at high operating temperatures.

Performance You'll Notice

Sinclair technology provides excellent friction control and reduces metal-to-metal contact in today’s transmissions. Under even the most strenuous conditions, Sinclair transmission fluids deliver consistent, long-lasting performance.