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Sinclair Passenger Car Transmission Products

Automatic Transmission Products

Engineered for the demands of today’s vehicles, Sinclair automatic transmission products have been formulated to deliver performance you can depend on.

Passenger Car Transmission Products - Powerful Chemistry and Performance

Dramatic OEM changes in automotive transmission designs require highly specialized fluids for unique applications. Sinclair lubricant technology has stayed in sync with change, and continues to develop advanced fluids that meet the challenges of providing balance in three key areas:

Sinclair Passenger Car Transmission Products: Performance You'll Notice

Sinclair products help optimize the friction, torque and functionality of your automatic transmission to maintain or improve the performance of your vehicle. Sinclair Passenger Car Transmission Products are specifically formulated to give you:


Get effortless shifting every time, with friction stability that prevents shudder.


Avoid metal-to-metal contact, with a thin but strong film of oil that keeps your rotating parts from undue wear and tear.


Resists thickening due to high operating temperatures.

Sinclair Passenger Car Transmission Products

Sinclair Automatic Transmission Fluid

We engineer our Automatic Transmission Fluid to keep your transmission running smoother and longer in Ford and General Motors vehicles where a DEXRON III/MERCON® fluid is specified. .

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Sinclair Passenger Car Transmission Products

Sinclair Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid

Sinclair Low-Viscosity Automatic Transmission Fluid is a balanced advanced formula utilizing superior additive technology and 100% synthetic base oils, helping to ensure peak performance of almost any automatic transmission.

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