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Sinclair Gas Treatment

Sinclair Gasoline Fuel Additives Vehicle Maintenance and Performance Fluids

Get unsurpassed performance and protection for your vehicle with Sinclair.

Sinclair Gas Treatment is formulated to remove water from your gas tank and clean dirt, gum and varnish from fuel injectors and carburetors – giving you back the performance they’ve been taking from your engine. Routine use helps combat fuel system freeze up and corrosion, increase fuel economy, and improve both power and acceleration, while reducing combustion chamber and intake valve deposits.

Performance You'll Notice

As technology advances, so do the engine and vehicle system designs from OEMs. One brand has advanced right alongside. Sinclair’s advanced fluids meet the demands and challenges of balancing protection, toughness and endurance.

Your Vehicle Deserves Our Very Best

Improve the performance of your vehicle. With Sinclair Gas Treatment.