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Sinclair Octane Boost

Sinclair Gasoline Fuel Additives Vehicle Maintenance and Performance Fluids

Get unsurpassed protection and performance for your vehicle with Sinclair.

Increased fuel octane level, when used regularly, can boost your engine’s power and acceleration, while reducing engine knock, ping and run on, and smooth out rough idling. Sinclair Octane Boost has been precisely blended to give you the benefits of that increased octane level.

Performance You'll Notice

As OEMs have changed and adapted engine designs to be lighter, while maintaining or even increasing horsepower, Sinclair fuel additives have changed and adapted as well, to give you the most complete balance of protection, toughness and durability.

Advanced Chemistry, Powerful Performance

Sinclair Gasoline Fuel Additives have been specifically designed and formulated to improve your engine's performance.