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Sinclair Synthetic Gear Oils

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Sinclair synthetic gear oils provide friction management with optimal performance and protection.

Synthetic Gear Oil

Equipment designs from OEMs continue to change, and industrial operating conditions are getting more and more severe, with increased demands on power density and other stress-increasing factors. Those issues are compounded by demands for more power output from smaller equipment and the need for industrial lubricants that can perform in challenging conditions. Sinclair synthetic gear oils have kept up with those changes, and give you the protection, toughness, and endurance you need.

Sinclair Synthetic Gear Oils: Performance You'll Notice

Sinclair Synthetic Gear Oils are specifically engineered and formulated to give you:


Sinclair has broadened their line of full synthetic lubricants to protect your equipment even under high loads, pressures, varying ranges of operating temperatures, and threats of contamination.

With Sinclair, you’re getting lubricants that outperform their conventional counterparts, giving your equipment extended life while also increasing worker safety through reduced maintenance.


Sinclair full synthetic gear oils provide exceptional control of wear and friction via a chemical formulation that causes molecules to bond, forming a barrier-building shield.


Get outstanding protection in the most arduous climates, pressures and power densities to protect against oxidation, micro pitting, separation of air and water, or shrinking dump sizes.

Sinclair Synthetic Gear Oils

Sinclair Full Synthetic 75W-90 GL-5 Gear Oil

Sinclair Full Synthetic 75W-90 GL-5 Gear Oil provides friction management with optimal performance and protection.

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